Upvel’s industrial grade PoE switches is the good choice for your campus indoor and outdoor networks solutions. Not only for indoor but outdoor network, its PoE ports can help the network topology getting simpler that can remove the need for extra wires and reduce costs. Its 10 gigabit transmission provide smooth connection for the indoor online meetings, e-Larning courses and outdoor PTZ security camera.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Due to the global environmental protection and green energy trends, more and more people respond to environmental protection, energy saving and carbon reduction. The demand for electric vehicles is increasing, and the emergence of electric vehicle charging stations is becoming more and more popular. Upvel’s products are designed for various harsh industrial environments, and also provide network connectivity solutions in electric vehicle application. Furthermore, ES-0800GB/L, ES-1600G/L series are compliant with E mark. Upvel provides a complete product solution for in-vehicle communication.

Trucks Station Surveillance

Designed for use in harsh industrial environments, Upvel industrial switches provides series of models from unmanaged to managed Layer 2 and Layer 3 to enhance your Trucks Station Surveillance network system. In addition to meet the performance requirements of bandwidth intensive application, Upvel Industrial Ethernet switches offers Gigabit and 10GbE fiber ports enabling high resolution image transmission efficiently.